Did you know ...

... that our brain is able to process images in just 13 thousandths of a second and discard more than 99% of the sensory information it perceives by selecting the most relevant information?

That is the reason why data visualization is becoming so important because it is above all making complex information easier to comprehend. It helps people process visually in order to grasp difficult concepts and identify patterns not yet discovered. Data visualization is a discipline that is becoming increasingly important in all industries. It's a very powerful tool that helps you discover and understand the logic behind a set of data and share it with others. A good data visualization is a balance of simplicity, readability, brevity and informative value.

What I do

I build attractive and understandable data visualization tools. I start a data visualization or a data science project by getting the requirements from a business perspective, then converting this knowledge into a data mining problem and designing a tool that takes into account the public to whom one speaks and answers the questions that these people ask themselves.


Who I am

I am data scientist and data visualization specialist. My professional experience, during the last six years, has allowed me to discover the key concepts involved in data visualization and data story telling and the types of visualization techniques that work best for different types of data. I also transform and clean data for modelling tools in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning.


My work

Here you can find several data visualization examples for the EU Datathon 2018 where my team EURI Trends was awarded second prize. The complete application can be seen in EU Open Data Portal: